What is Reiki?

During the course of my work many people ask me the question, what is Reiki, however it is not something that can be answered in an instant!

Reiki is pronounced Ray Kee and is the Japanese word for universal life force energy. Reiki is a very simple, ancient system of healing which is thought to have originated in the east, it has come to the west via a Japanese scholar Mikao Usui Continue reading →

The History of Massage

In this article I am going to took at the history of massage.

Many believe that the art of massage stems from the natural phenomenon of touch between human beings.

A mother’s instinct when her child falls and hurts themselves is to touch the area and rub it better.

Records at the British Museum show the Chinese were practising massage as early as 3000BC.

Indian Hindu’s practised massage as early as 3000 years ago and it is believed that the massage associated with the Hindu Religion originated from the Chinese. Continue reading →

Chakra Balancing

Many people when coming for a treatment for the first time are very intrigued when I say I wish to balance their chakras.

So what are the chakras, or the chakra system?

The word chakra originates from the Sanskrit word for wheel or circle a chakra is like a vortex, a constantly revolving wheel of energy.

The Chakras join our physical bodies with our ethereal, when they are not in balance the energy flow is obstructed which can lead to physical, emotional, mental or spiritual dis-ease. In contrast to this, when the energy is free flowing optimum health is enjoyed. Continue reading →

Bach Flower Remedies

Dr Edward Bach discovered the healing properties of certain flowers during the 1930’s, having been a medical doctor Edward Bach was intrigued to find out why people with the same problem all reacted differently when given the same treatment.

He made it his life’s work to discover a healing system that was pure and simple and could be used very easily by everybody. Continue reading →