Many people when coming for a treatment for the first time are very intrigued when I say I wish to balance their chakras.

So what are the chakras, or the chakra system?

The word chakra originates from the Sanskrit word for wheel or circle a chakra is like a vortex, a constantly revolving wheel of energy.

The Chakras join our physical bodies with our ethereal, when they are not in balance the energy flow is obstructed which can lead to physical, emotional, mental or spiritual dis-ease. In contrast to this, when the energy is free flowing optimum health is enjoyed.

The seven major chakras are positioned from the base of the spine to the top of the head.

The first chakra is known as the base or root chakra and is positioned at the base of the spine pointing down towards the earth. It’s Sanskrit name is Muladhara.
Connected with our belonging and feeling grounded, the colours associated with this chakra are red, representing passion for life and black for grounding, strength and steadiness. There are four petals.

The second is the sacral chakra, positioned on the spine facing the abdomen just below the naval. It has a Sanskrit name of Svadhisthana. It is connected to our sexual energy and our creativity and wisdom, the seat of vital force and sweetness, the colour associated with this chakra is orange.
It has six petals.

The third chakra is the solar plexus again positioned on the spine facing out and is above the naval, Sanskrit name of Manipura, connected to our personal power, developing our analytical thought and intellectual activity, the colour for this chakra is yellow. It has ten petals

The fourth chakra is the heart, sitting on the spine facing the centre of the chest. The Sanskrit name of Anahata connected to healing and balance, unconditional love and compassion. There are two colours, pink and green and has twelve petals

The fifth chakra is the throat, sitting directly behind the Adam’s apple, with the Sanskrit name of Visshuda, it is connected with purification and being able to speak one’s own truth and a knowledge of oneness with the self. The colour is sky blue and it has sixteen petals

The sixth chakra know as the third eye or brow chakra and is positioned in the middle of the forehead, Sanskrit name of Ajna, connected to search, understanding and attainment of spiritual purpose. The colour is indigo and the petals a large many petal flower with ninety six petals.

The seventh chakra is the crown chakra on the crown of the head beneath the cranium on the top of the brain, where the fontanelle is obvious on a new born baby. Sanskrit name Sahasrara, connected to perfection purity and enlightenment, strengthening connection with the spiritual world. The colours are violet and white.
The flower has one thousand petals.

Chakras are often thought of as lotus flowers allowing people to visualise the centre for meditation purposes.