Hello friends, what a summer we are having so far!  I am absolutely loving the heat and the brightness, plus the long days.  It’s amazing how much brighter and happier everyone looks with a bit of sun.  However, this spell has been going for a few weeks and it is beginning to make me feel a little lethargic and my poor garden is crying out for some rain and I know for many people that the heat is a bit of a struggle.

I have always been in awe of the power of the sun and its ability to provide energy for us, our crop cycles solar power and so much more.  There are many examples of ancient cultures worshipping sun gods and sun gods appearing in mythology (Aztecs, Egyptians and their god Ra, Hinduism, Greek mythology etc.).  in yoga there are very important series of poses called the ‘sun salutations. So the importance of the sun and its energy has been inspiring man since time immemorial.

The sun and summer brings us so many health benefits;

  • Higher levels of Vitamin D – this important vitamin is made by our bodies when the UV rays of the sum come into contact with our skin.  The UV light converts cholesterol into Vitamin D.  This has the double benefit of reducing cholesterol plus increasing the bodies absorption of calcium (using Vitamin D) helping to prevent osteoporosis.  There has been come concern recently that the vigorous use of sunscreens is preventing Vitamin D production. We are now seeing rickets in young children again which is very sad. So, please do consider some very short periods where you can catch the sun without wearing sunscreens, also remember that over application of creams can cause a skin reaction as the skin can only cope with some topical application
  • The sun and its UV rays are very good for several skin complaints such as: acne, psoriasis and dermatitis.  Once again you must let the sun get to your skin so go easy on the sunscreens for short times.
  • Increases water consumption, when it is hot we need to drink a lot more water to prevent dehydration.  Please be mindful of this and make sure you drink plenty of water and remember that sipping water regularly is far more effective than downing a pint of water when you are thirsty

So lots of good things about warm sunny days, unfortunately like many powerful things, moderation is key. There has been a lot of information about some of the baddies associated with too much sun (skin cancer, dehydration and heat stroke) but I wanted to mention a couple of less reported ones.

  • Food poisoning.  We all love a picnic, but do consider how long food will be out of the fridge for.  Please invest in some cooler blocks and bags to make sure food is safe when you come to eat it.  Also beware undercooked food on BBQs –
  • We are more likely to get headaches in the sun, especially if taking part is something quite active, the theory is that the heat causes the blood vessels in the brain to expand and press on the nerves.  Solution is a cool, shady place, lots of water and paracetamol.
  • Unfortunately for many people, with summer comes allergies – hayfever, to insect bites and prickly heat rash.  The nest advice here is to keep the windows closed to prevent pollen entering the home, Go out a bit later when pollen levels will have dipped and avoid grassy areas.  The beach is a good place to be as there is generally a wind that will blow away bugs and pollen.  Also eat foods high in Omega 3 – fatty fish – as these are good at tackling inflammatory symptoms such as you get with hayfever.

Summer is definitely my favourite season, I hope you also are enjoying our fabulous weather and   the wonderful summer fruits that are now available.

I will be running a few courses in the autumn,

Course Description Cost Date
Meditation Day One day course. Open to beginners and to refresh those who already meditate. £75 including lunch and refreshments and certificate. Saturday 21st October 2018
Reiki One Two day course. Reiki One is all about learning to work with Reiki for yourself. £245 including manual, lunch and refreshments and certificate. Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd November 2018
Reiki Two Two day course. This is open to those who have reiki one and is all about learning to use your reiki with others and this takes you to practitioner level. £245 including manual, lunch refreshments, crystal and certificate. Friday 19th  and Saturday 20th October 2018


Please let me know if you are interested in attending these courses by using the contact page.

I wish you all a happy and healthy summer and have a great holiday if taking any.