During the course of my work many people ask me the question, what is Reiki, however it is not something that can be answered in an instant!

Reiki is pronounced Ray Kee and is the Japanese word for universal life force energy. Reiki is a very simple, ancient system of healing which is thought to have originated in the east, it has come to the west via a Japanese scholar Mikao Usui

It is most definitely not a religion or a cult but a very pure system of channelling energy which will balance the body on a physical, mental and emotional level.

Reiki is a universal energy that is channelled by the practitioner to themselves or to a client depending on the level of attunement they have received.

There are three levels of attunement;
let’s look at the first level:

Reiki 1 is the first attunement and is all about working on yourself. It teaches you how to care for yourself and a commitment is made to regularly treat yourself on a daily basis.

The first benefit I think people feel from Reiki is a reduction in stress and the ability to relax. In the world we live in today the pace of life is such that relaxation time has to be built into our schedule and for the main part this does not happen. The commitment to looking after oneself can sometimes lead to dealing with emotions, situations or feelings that have been ignored for a time and often a healing crisis can happen after an attunement. However, this can be worked through and usually results in a long awaited release which can be very liberating. After a Reiki one attunement several students have noticed a change in their attitude towards things; one student commented that her road rage had simultaneously disappeared with her attunement to Reiki 1, having dreaded the daily drive to and from work, she started to use this time to enjoy her music, she found herself arriving for work relaxed and ready for the day ahead rather than angry and stressed before entering her work premises.

Other students have commented that making the time for their daily Reiki treatments has led them to make time for other things in their life without making them feel guilty for spending time on themselves.

One of my favourite quotes to my students is “how can you look after others if you are not looking after yourself?”

During the Reiki 1 class the students are taught how to treat themselves, the correct hand positions and timing of the treatment and they also learn how to use Reiki with plants, food and drink. We look at the Chakra system and how the Reiki works with it. The course is for two days. I encourage the students to keep in touch and to share their experiences as they begin to use their Reiki in their everyday lives.