Bach Flower Remedies

Bach Flower Remedies

A helping hand to help you cope with lifes ups and downs...

In today’s world, stress and emotional overload is commonplace.  Many of us struggle to cope with our day to day lives and power on without acknowledging and addressing our emotional well-being.  It is common for people to feel that they have to power on and work through a situation, not knowing how to support and manage their emotions properly and hoping that if they ignore their feelings, they will go away.   Bach Flower Remedies is not commonly understood, but it is a highly effective and simple support system that can help us manage and support our emotions to better cope with our everyday stresses and challenges. 

Bach Flower Remedies and Mary HollowayAll Bach Flower Remedies are safe and simple and can help manage emotions, balance negative thoughts and feelings.  They are proven to be of great benefit to everyone, including pregnant women, babies and animals!

Inspired by the benefits of plant based preparations to address emotional causes of disease, Dr Edward Bach discovered Bach Flower Remedies in the 1930’s.  His complete system of 38 remedies offer a simple way to manage everyday and complex emotions challenges.

We are all unique and life’s challenges affect us in different ways.  Our Bach Flower Remedies are mixed to our clients individual needs to support them in the best way possible.  

Bach Flower Essences work exceptionally well in combination with Reiki and together form a strong support system for the physical and emotional well-being of my patients.

Whatever your emotional challenge, Bach Flower Remedies can be tailored to help you!

Bach Flower Therapy Sessions

Bach Flower Remedies with Mary Holloway

Our Bach Flower Remedy sessions comprise a video or telephone call to talk about your situation and your related feelings.  Our conversation reveals the emotional blockages that may have been locked away and need to be released.  From this conversation, I will discuss with you what emotional remedies would be required and then mix the required prescription, tailored to your specific needs.

Taking Bach Flower Remedies:  2-4 drops of the remedies must be added to a glass of water up to 4 times a day.  A mixed bottle of your remedy will last up to about 3 weeks, if kept in a cool place and the dropper is kept clean.

Typically, a follow up session will require a further (possibly a different mix) flower remedy, as decided by the outcome of taking the first remedy mix.

After the first session, if the patient has taken the remedy as prescribed, emotional challenges will have lessened and they are more able to cope with their day to day lives.

COST:  £50 (including bottle & postage)

Call me on 07912 647753 to discuss how Bach Flower Remedies could help you or book a session with me directly.

Frequently Asked Questions

I went to see a Bach Flower Remedy Practitioner myself fifteen years ago and I was amazed at the results I had after taking the remedies for 3 months.  It was a couple of years later that I decided to do the training to become a Bach Flower Remedy Practitioner

They help to balance the emotions and facilitate the letting go of negativity

The remedies can be used in conjunction with any other medication as they are not a chemical, they are pure flower essences

No, the remedies will help you to deal with the problems you are facing at this moment.  Sometimes people find they use them again n the future to deal with something completely different

The remedies are very gentle and it will take a few days before you feel relief from your symptoms

The remedies are more effective when used consistently but no problems are caused if a dose is forgotten

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