Dr Edward Bach discovered the healing properties of certain flowers during the 1930’s, having been a medical doctor Edward Bach was intrigued to find out why people with the same problem all reacted differently when given the same treatment.

He made it his life’s work to discover a healing system that was pure and simple and could be used very easily by everybody.

Dr Bach realised that it was important to treat the individual and not the disease or the symptoms of the disease from an early stage in his career he took an interest in his patients as individuals rather than cases, he realised that the patient’s personality would effect how they dealt with their illness and that it was just as important to treat their feelings and emotions as well as their physical symptoms.

He devised a system which would treat people’s emotions which in turn will create a balance in the physical body, people with the same physical condition will have varying emotions and will therefore require different remedies, this is why each remedy is individually mixed for every client.

The remedies are an energy medicine which helps to balance the emotions this in turn creates balance within the physical body so promoting the end of physical symptoms.

The remedies are also excellent for helping people deal with the emotional demands of everyday life, allowing people to take more control of their self care.

Dr Bach’s work has continued since his death and the remedies are still distilled in the original manner that Dr Bach used.

The remedies are now used worldwide with more and more people discovering how effective this natural system is.

Dr Bach was a man of very simple tastes and very few material needs, he was a quietly determined man whose soul aim in life was to discover and perfect a natural healing system that could be passed down through the generations, he had experienced acute illness during his life and this gave him a great understanding of human suffering.

I have encountered a variety of responses to these remedies, in the main they have all been very positive and clients have been thrilled with the results, interestingly I have also treated some very sceptical people who have had good results but have thought that perhaps it was due to a change in diet or better sleeping patterns etc, however the one thing that no one can argue with is the incredible effect that the remedies have on animals and plants.

I have very successfully used the remedies on our dogs here at home, and have seen our beautiful though very lively black Labrador calm down and behave with far more control, and our old age cocker spaniel is far less grumpy with the other dogs she meets and has definitely got a spring in her step again.

I have never been particularly good with house plants, however, I can now boast of having five lovely house plants which I have had for over a year (a record for me) and have treated them regularly with remedies when watering them.

I have also seen great results when treating children, they are very responsive to the remedies, if taking the drops at school is a problem they can take them at home before school, on return and before bed, so there are no complications for them.

I would urge anyone to try the Bach Flower remedies as they are incredibly effective and there are no limits to their use.

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