Helping our furry friends has given me a great amount of joy and satisfaction.   I have had fantastic results using Bach flower remedies on dogs and cats, including my own dogs.

Often the problems experienced by our cats and dogs and their owners are interlinked.  For example, if dog is over protective and barking at anyone who comes near the owner, the owner becomes nervous and the dog picks this up creating a cycle which keeps on being repeated, so sometimes a remedy for the dog and the owner is appropriate.

Other situations when Bach Flower Remedies have worked well with dogs I’ve treated are:

  • When a puppy is introduced into a household where there is already a dog happily established there.  This can cause friction and a remedy may be required for both dogs
  • Anxiety is a very common problem with all animals and can manifest itself in many different ways, destruction of items, scenting, weeing or messing in certain areas of the home, scatty behaviour, constant barking, etc.  All of these problems can be helped with the Bach flower remedies
  • Some of my most satisfying work has been with rescue dogs that arrive in there new home suffering from shock at having been in shelter and fear from what is to come

I’ve treated two cats to date.  The first was having problems accepting a new cat into the family.  The new cat was pinching the old cats food and generally bullying her.  I made a remedy for both cats and after a couple of courses they settled down to enjoy life together.  The second cat is one I am currently treating who was continually scenting all over the hosue as I type there things have dramatically improved – she is no longer scenting and is much calmer.

Personally I have never treated a horse, but I have several colleagues who have and it has been amazing.