“Have total confidence in all Marys abilities and knowledge and her dedication and commitment are second to none.”

Diane Levine

“Mary has treated me for the last 5 years. The sessions have proved to be extremely successful in easing my severe back pain. She has also encouraged me to improve my general posture as part of the therapy. I can thoroughly recommend Mary as a therapist and teacher.”

Mary White, 74 years

“I had been receiving Reiki just before I was diagnosed with Breast cancer in 2006. I truly believe that the Reiki that I had during Chemo and Radiotherapy treatment enabled me to have the strength to fight the disease from within.

There is the added bonus of feeling at peace which is immensely beneficial.

I sincerely believe the Reiki I had with Mary made such a difference for the better in my life.”

Anne Salter

“Mary has a friendly but professional approach to teaching. She is clear and focussed on what you need to achieve as a student and is very supportive. Every aspect of the course is well organised and enjoyable. I found Mary’s Reiki course a most fulfilling experience and would recommend her to anyone wishing to learn more about this valuable form of healing.”

Eleanor O’Connor

“Normally when I visit Mary for a Reiki treatment I am worn to a frazzle and completely exhausted. After an hour with Mary I feel like a new person, completely balanced and ready to conquer the world!”

Ali Page

“Just what you need at the end of a busy day to wind down and de-stress. Can I come every night?”

Janet Harvey Mott

“I first met Mary when I was suffering very badly from an unusual intolerance to synthetic progesterone, due to a bad experience with HRT. Mary prescribed an individual combination of herbal remedies, which saw me through menopause with no further problems. In conjunction with the remedies, I visited Mary for a course of reiki treatment, which changed my life, bringing up problems from my childhood, which I subsequently was able to deal with, with her support.

I brought both of my teenage daughters to Mary for care, with enormous success. I can truthfully say that Mary’s treatments provided us all with considerably enhanced life quality. I grew personally very fond of Mary, and when I found out that she was altering her home to provide a facility for teaching reiki I subscribed to a course of Reiki I and was reiki attuned by her. This is something I have been able to practice since then for self healing, and my daughter and I will certainly be registering for a Reiki II course with Mary, which will fulfil a desire for both of us. I can’t imagine doing this with anyone but Mary.

I have had considerable experience since with alternative and complementary medicine, as has my daughter, and Mary stands high in our estimation. She herself is a dedicated and committed professional, and her lovely teaching room and facility is a delight to experience. I could recommend no-one higher, she is wonderful!”

Jenny Gunning

“I was somewhat of a sceptic when I first encountered Reiki but have been amazed by the results that it has given me. I work in a demanding industry and often struggle to find time for me. I found Mary’s treatment sessions to be very professional and I felt that I was in the hands of a real expert. Mary offered a relaxing, timely and very personal experience. Mary’s treatment room is a very nice space to be in and the whole experience is wonderful. I recommend Mary without hesitation to anyone who is looking to find balance through a gentle but exhilarating experience”

Michael Dent

“I have worked with Mary in a teaching establishment for a number of years. She is very experienced in Holistic Therapies and is passionate about their benefits.Mary is a wonderful teacher and passes on her knowledge to her students with great skill using a kind, caring approach. She clearly gains great pleasure from teaching others and enjoys watching her students develop into qualified and confident practitioners”

Frances Rippin

“As an athlete who has been competing for over 30 years naturally my body does now regularly have aches and pains. I have been visiting Mary for sports massage treatment for a number of years and I can definitely say that her magic touch has allowed me to compete in two recent marathons injury free. Whenever I have an injury she always knows and understands the source of the problem hence can help the healing process. I certainly have no hesitation in recommending Mary to anyone who needs similar treatment.”

Tony Jackson

“I have been seeing Mary regularly for the last few years and she has been a godsend. She helped me learn to control my condition/illness through Reiki and Meditation and has helped me stay on an even keel since then. I wouldn’t have been able to have my beautiful daughter without her help! I really can’t stress enough how life changing finding Mary has been. Thank you for everything!”

Charlotte Graham

“When I was 14 years old my mum, Mary Holloway, first told me about Reiki. I have to admit I was doubtful about what it was and how it worked. After a few treatments I started to really enjoy it. My mother, sent me on a course with another Reiki Master in St Albans to be attuned to Reiki 1. I really began to believe in Reiki and often practiced it on myself. Following this course, Mum and I went on course together to learn about crystals and Reiki which I thoroughly enjoyed.

In the middle of my A levels I became very stressed and my mother’s treatments helped me to be calm during my exams. I know to read this looks like I am being slightly biased towards her, but I know that my mother has both a talent and a passion for Reiki that I believe few have. Without her encouragement and enthusiasm for Reiki, I doubt that I would be where I am today. She has helped many of my friends in the past with Reiki, I would recommend her to anybody, and I have done so in the past. If you are interested in learning about Reiki or having a treatment I could not wish for a better person for you to do it with than Mary Holloway.”

Charlie Holloway

“I believe that everything happens for a reason and after having a Reiki course booked and cancelled twice I was then lucky enough to have come across Mary Holloway via her daughter I had briefly met a few times. It became apparent that I needed to enrol on my Reiki 1 with Mary.

After years and years practising as a Health and Beauty Therapist, I was still a little sceptical with regards to holistic therapies, until I got fully into Holistic a few years back… Then after some personal painful experiences I decided I wanted to delve deeper, and try a different way of helping other’s as well as myself. So decided the time was right and thought about training in Reiki.

I was welcomed in to her practice with open arms and was made to feel totally comfortable within the first 5 minutes I was there. Mary and I sat and talked about my history and background, then she divulged hers to me… I was fascinated and mesmerised by what she told me about her life and her journey on becoming a Reiki Master. Mary was explaining to me in so much detail, that I felt my mind never strayed or wondered once, and it was so easy for me to understand the concept and initiation of Reiki.

Therefore I enjoyed my first few hours on the course… And it just got better. She made me feel at ease the whole way throughout and understood and answered all my questions I asked her regarding the Reiki world.

I talk about Mary to everyone who I tell, I have done my Reiki 1 course, as she has made a huge impact on my life! She made me overcome a lot of things I was unable to discuss before or open up about, and thanks to her I have, very much, started to change my life for the better. I can, hand on heart, say that anyone who is even slightly thinking about going on any Reiki courses, or would like to see Mary for any of her other amazing treatments or courses… You will not be disappointed, she will train you with such professionalism and she will calm, centre and relax you, which will totally put you in the positive mood to learn about Reiki and carry on your life with good karma.

I can’t wait to do my Reiki 2 with Mary, and then one day be proud to say I became a Reiki Master thanks to Mary Holloway!!!!”

Joanne Houchin