Case Study Examples

Types of problems I've helped with

I have had the pleasure of helping many people (and their pets) over the years, with great success.  

I’ve listed below a selection of some of the types of problems I’ve dealt with.

Ladies find the remedies extremely helpful for hormonal problems, emotions can run high when trying to conceive a baby, trying to manage life with PMT and menopause can be particularly challenging.

I have treated several ladies who have been suffering with post natal depression, this can be so hard for a mum to deal with.  The remedies which helped these ladies were all different and they can be used alongside conventional medication or on their own.

I have treated a lot of teenagers who are having problems, self harming, suffering from anxiety, lack of confidence, eating disorders to name a few of their problems.

It is very interesting to note that quite often people will come and say they don’t know why they have come but they know that they need help. Talking through the issues and discussing the remedies can be incredibly helpful bringing clarity to the problems.

Many people come to see me after they have suffered bereavement and they are trying to move on with their lives, but their grief is holding them back.

Panic attacks can be incredibly debilitating and many people come for help to deal with the anxiety of the attack and the after effects.

People also come for well being treatment to help them maintain the space they are in and to cope with the general pressure of life whatever it is related to

As there are no contraindications with taking these remedies along side conventional medication, people often use them whilst undergoing treatment for cancer as mental well being is an important part of treatment.

People can find the remedies very helpful to use to prepare for something that they are nervous about.  I made a remedy for my husband to start taking six weeks before our daughters wedding.  He was so determined to do a good speech and he had put so much preparation into it, but I could see his anxiety was going to spoil his enjoyment of the day.  He did an amazing speech and thoroughly enjoyed doing it.  He was sceptical about the idea, but is the fist to say that they really helped him.

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